We do not carry out animal testing on our products. We only use natural ingredients that we can try out on ourselves with a clear conscience. This will remain so in the future! We promise!   #CrueltyFreeCauseIts2019!


I'm Adelaide Wolters, a 23-year-old from Hamburg with Ghanaian roots.

With the great desire to create something that gives women self-confidence again, I founded "Unrefined Riches".

I know how much our appearance can influence our self-confidence. I myself used to struggle with many skin problems (hyperpigmentation, allergic skin reactions, pimples) until I started using natural ingredients for my skin instead of artificial drugstore products. Convinced by the power of nature, I want to make it possible for every woman to feel comfortable in her skin, whether RAW (without make up) or not. 

LESS IS RICHER our motto and therefore our company stands for natural, gentle and effective skin and hair care without unecessary artificial ingredients. 

All ingredients in our products are RAW, because the more you let Mother Nature be as she is, the more you can benefit from her.



Our goal is to protect the environment and its resources as far as possible.

For this reason we only use glass jars for our creams, which at the same time reflect the value of our product. Our selected packaging material is recyclable. 




*read our article to get info about our zero waste program. Click here.

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